Jingili Primary School believes in a whole school approach to the teaching and learning of literacy.
We believe
• Building a community of confident listeners, speakers, readers and writers.
• Achieving enhanced wellbeing and connections through our daily reading and writing routines.
• Optimising student strengths, choice, imagination and creativity
 Regular internal monitoring and assessment will be implemented at all year levels to inform teaching and learning.

Teachers are expected to program and plan using the following resources

• Australian Curriculum
• Jingili Primary School Whole School Approach to English
• First Steps Reading 2nd Edition
• First Steps Writing 2nd Edition
• First Steps Oral Language
• 6+1 Traits for Writing
• Scope / Sequence for Spelling / Grammar
• Kathy Walker Learning Approach – Play Matters (Early Years)
• Kathy Walker Learning Approach – Engagement Matters (Primary)
 The following must be incorporated into daily routines and planning:
• Spelling / Grammar Scope and Sequence (Adapted from DIPL – Doorways into Practical Literacy)
• Opportunities for oral language, listening and speaking
• Reading program – Reading to students, Modelled, Shared reading, Shared, guided and Independent.
• Writing program – Writers Workshop including, Modelled, Shared, interactive, guided and independent writing.
• Handwriting Targeting Handwriting
• M100 words – whole school
• Home Reading as per Jingili Primary School Homework Policy.