Homework Policy Statement

Home-learning Policy Statement

Rationale Home-learning is an integral part of the school’s total program and is regarded as a reinforcer of learned concepts and extension of school activities in the home.


Our School Policy is consistent with Departmental Policy which states: “Relevant home-work supports a student’s educational program and is a key strategy for connecting learning at home and at school. Teachers are responsible for setting and checking homework. It is the responsibility of the Principal, in consultation with the school council, to develop and implement a homework policy, and to ensure that the school community is aware of the policy and the respective roles and responsibilities contained within it.” – DET policy, version number 1.


Aims Our aim is to set home-learning that is relevant and meaningful to each child’s learning. Weekly home-learning is intended to help each child to develop good study habits for their future education and parental guidance is beneficial in this process.


School actions Parent responsibilities

Jingili Primary school recognises parental responsibilities when it comes to home-learning. Accordingly, all home-learning, with the exception of daily reading, is to be agreed by parents. By indicating on the Home-learning Agreement form parents confirm that they wish their child to have set home-learning. With this, the parent accepts the responsibility of guiding their child/ren with their home-learning. Parents also have the option to indicate on the form that they do not wish for their child to receive home-learning this year.


Teacher responsibilities

At the beginning of each year, classroom teachers will send home their home-learning routine and expectations. This expectation will then apply to all children until the end of Week 5, Term 1. This period is a time for parents to consult with the teachers regarding their expectations and any concerns about home-learning they may have. After Week 5, parents are required to identify their preferred home-learning option and promptly return the completed form to the class teacher. The selected home-learning option covers two terms. Parents may change the selected home-learning option at the commencement of the semester.


The home-learning set will be collected weekly, and after the weekend, so as to allow for individual family timetables. Jingili Primary school recognises the value of extracurricular activities, such as sporting, music and other scheduled commitments. Extracurricular activities work towards the development of the whole child.


What should home-learning cover?

Home learning should reinforce concepts being taught in the classroom.  In upper grades it may also include study related to Educational Research Projects.


Home reading Program

All students are expected to participate in Jingili’s Home-reading Program whether their parents have agreed to their child receiving home-learning or not.

·         Students will select (with support) home reading books daily

·         Students will return home reading books with reading log completed and signed by parents daily

·         For students who are reading novels, they must read for at least 20 minutes per night and record their reading in a home reading log.


Date review Term 4, 2018