Numeracy and Literacy


Jingili Primary School believes in a whole school approach to the teaching and learning of numeracy. We are a member of the Meaningful Maths coalition of schools.

We believe

  • Mathematics is a core subject and forms a regular part of the daily program.
  • The Australian Curriculum is the document that teachers will use for their programming.
  • Focussing on the sequence of New Zealand (NZ) Maths global stages through emergent (stage 1) to Advanced Proportional (stage 8).
  • Number is the major strand delivered in class programmes and is incorporated across the curriculum where possible to include everyday contexts.
  • All other strands will be delivered across each term and revisited regularly to consolidate student knowledge and skills.
  • High expectations and interventions are essential.
  • Students can achieve high standards given sufficient time and support.
  • Teachers can teach to high standards given the right conditions and assistance.
  • Teachers will engage in professional learning and be reflective in their practice.
  • Teachers will document their learning intentions so that the students will articulate their learning.
  • Modelling books will be incorporated as part of teachers and students mathematical resource.
  • All teachers will collaboratively plan with their colleagues of a similar year level.
  • Teachers will implement programs and focussed explicit teaching in response to deliberate and regular assessment and monitoring.
  • Students will be exposed to numeracy specific vocabulary derived from the Australian Curriculum and NZ Maths.

Teachers are expected to program and plan using documents including:

  • Australian Curriculum with NZ Maths
  • Meaningful Maths Portal
  • Progressive Achievement Test (PAT-M) electronic test – Years 1 – 6
  • Walker Learning Approach – Play Matters (Early Years)
  • Walker Learning Approach – Engagement Matters (Primary)
  • JAM assessment
  • GloSS assessment

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Jingili Primary School believes in a whole school approach to the teaching and learning of literacy.
We believe
• Building a community of confident listeners, speakers, readers and writers.
• Achieving enhanced wellbeing and connections through our daily reading and writing routines.
• Optimising student strengths, choice, imagination and creativity
Read, Write Inc.