Our canteen supplies healthy, home cooked food and caters for children with allergies. All children bringing money to school for lunch and recess must order their lunch at the start of the school day. This way the Canteen knows how much hot food is needed and what sandwiches need to be prepared etc.
The Canteen endeavours to provide healthy and nutritious food at all times. Children’s lunch orders are collected in their classroom and delivered to Canteen by 8:30am. Parents are asked to ensure that lunch order bags are written out correctly on the front of a brown lunch bag, and your child’s name, room number/class are clearly defined.  It is also helpful if the correct amount of money is enclosed in the bag. Menus are issued through the newsletter and copies are available from the Canteen and Front Office.  Lunches can also be ordered through the Skoolbag App.
Get your copy of the canteen menu here: