Children Almost Ready to Enter School (CARES)


Knowing where and with whom you belong is integral to human existence. First to a family, a cultural group, a neighbourhood and a wider community. Throughout life, relationships are crucial to a sense of belonging. Building on children’s prior and current experiences helps them to feel secure, confident and connected to familiar people, places, events and understandings (Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF)).

The Jingili School Community is unique in that we have service providers catering for the wellbeing and education of children from birth to Year 6 within one suburb! It is wonderful that children in Jingili build connections to and within the Jingili Community across such a substantial and important part of their childhood. The Jingili Community is very proud of and value this unique opportunity. Educators work collaboratively, across our three service providers; Jingili Early Learning Centre, Jingili Preschool and Jingili Primary School to ensure a learning culture where teachers work together to drive improvement in children’s learning and wellbeing. By building on experiences across service providers, our educators help all children to feel secure, confident and included and to experience continuity in how to be and how to learn as they reach the next stage of education. (EYLF) Student and Staff regularly visit across settings, share facilities and participate in events together. We meet regularly to share information and organise opportunities to link students, siblings and educators.

Every year, children transitioning from one setting to another are supported with a rigorous program which facilitates confidence and familiarity prior to their next learning adventure. Jingili Early Learning Centre children participate in educational activities in the Preschool with Preschool educators prior to official enrolment and similarly Preschool children benefit from our award winning CARES program. The CARES program pairs Pre-school students up with a buddy from the Primary school and they participate in learning opportunities together on a regular basis. Buddy systems play an important role in helping to create friendly and caring school environments assisting young students’ transitions to primary school. Through looking after and caring for smaller, vulnerable children who are starting school, older children learn the skills associated with empathy and compassion through activities is the classroom and in the playground.

To learn more about links across our Jingili Community or the CARES program, please phone Jingili Primary School on 89837555.