Children Almost Ready to Enter School
Every year Jingili conducts a CARES program where Pre-school students are paired up with a buddy from the Primary school and they participate in activities together on a regular basis. Buddy systems play an important role in helping to create friendly and caring school environments assisting young students’ transition to primary school. Through looking after and caring for smaller, vulnerable children who are starting school, older children learn the skills associated with empathy and compassion through activities is the classroom and in the playground.
What does the CARES program do?
  • Assists students with transition to primary school
  • Develops positive cross-age relationships
  • Provides opportunities for peer tutoring
  • Contributes to a positive and caring school culture
  • Contributes to more positive behaviour by providing positive role models
  • Develops pro-social values and skills
  • Develops responsibility
  • Builds self confidence
  • Promotes inclusion
  • Discourages bullying
To learn more about the CARES program, please phone Jingili Primary School on 89837555.