School History

Jingili Primary School was built in 1970 and represents the end of a tradition in educational buildings. Its design preceded the move towards open plan education. The school was officially opened on the 19th June 1971.
Cyclone Tracy caused considerable damage and necessitated accommodation of students at Casuarina High School and Moil Primary School for the first term of 1975. Students and Staff alike rejoiced when Jingili opened its gates again in second term.

The school received a major upgrade in 2011, including the construction of an extensive under cover area which joined the two main buildings and extended our outside play and learning area.

Our 50th Birthday celebrations made me appreciate the deep history that comes with Jingili School and the role it has played within the Jingili Community. I am so grateful to all the families that came to celebrate our 50th Anniversary. Wednesday night provided us with a walk down Jingili’s memory lane with our ‘Museum through the ages’, which was inspiring for me as the new principal of Jingili Primary. I loved hearing all the stories from past students, parents and staff, it certainly built on my connections to family. Friday assembly was a beautiful tribute with speeches from the past and present staff and students, honouring the milestones and sharing their individual narratives of what Jingili meant to them with some birthday entertainment from our incredible band. Our students loved their cupcakes and colour fun run, commenting they wanted to do that ‘every Friday’. Saturday night was a wonderful evening with many laughs as adults reminisced of their student days at Jingili. I think for me as principal, it is important to acknowledge the past and what has come before. The community have built an amazing school that ‘puts the child first’, and we want to savour those milestones as we forge into the future.

A big thank you to Di Sullivan who has poured her heart and soul into the celebrations and the steering committee; Jemmina Hingston, Judy Grills, Amanda Hoepper and Lisa Dewsbury for their key work in organising these events. A big thank you also to a past Jingili student Richard Fejo, Larakia elder whose ‘Welcome to Country’ at all three events were so personal and moving.

  Jemma Rust – Principal – Jingili Primary School