SLC – Student Leadership Council

Student Leadership Council

At Jingili we value our students voices and the insight they can provide to improve the experiences for all students at our school. The Student Leadership Council (SLC) represents the students and their opinions. The SLC endeavours to enable all students to feel valued, be included and contribute to a positive school community.

Students from year 3-6 can apply to be involved to be part of the Primary SLC each year. The SLC meets once a week to discuss issues relevant to the school. Teachers are responsible supporting students to run the meetings and implementing their ideas. This ‘hands-on’ approach allows staff to keep in close contact with student concerns. It is the duty of the SLC representatives to seek input from their class members and to report back following meetings.

The SLC helps provide ideas, suggestions and requests for changes to school practice.  A major focus of the SLC is our commitment to social justice, raising funds for, and awareness of the disadvantaged.

In the last few years, the SLC have been involved with the Northern Territory Learning Commission (NTLC) which now includes 40 schools across the whole of the Northern Territory. These students represent well over half of all learners in the Northern Territory and enables our school leaders to learn from others and see the work other schools are doing to improve student outcomes.

Previous activities which the SLC have been involved include: Committees (such as deciding on new playground equipment), organising events and student competitions, coming up with ideas to raise money, selling icy poles after school, creating a free book swap, leading school assemblies, promoting school events and attend school council meetings.

2023 Student Leadership Council