At Jingili Preschool we live by our motto of “putting the child first”.                 

Jingili Primary School offers a unique choice for families: 


8:15am – 11:15am Monday to Friday

Two and a half day Preschool

8:15am – 2:15pm Wednesday & Thursday and 8:15am – 11:15am Friday

(Jingili OSHC offers some reduced rate places to “top up” the 2.5 day program – see the Director for more details)

High Quality Learning

We offer a play-based Preschool program to ensure a high quality, developmentally appropriate learning experience for your child.

We ensure there are familiar routine with familiar adults, encourage meaningful friendships, deliver high quality learning outcomes and a child-focused teaching approach.

Preschool Routines

Our routines are carefully planned to maximise the learning opportunities and experiences for your child.

Play-based Program

Our play-based program is developed from the children’s own interests and individual learning requirements to ensure that your child’s Preschool experience is personalised, relevant and meaningful.

Contact Details
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