Walker Learning Approach

Walker Learning Approach at Jingili School
 We believe in a rigorous play based approach to learning in the Eary Years and base our program on the philosophy and work of Kathy Walker.

The Walker Learning Approach is a developmental play-based approach (WLA). The Walker Learning Approach was developed and designed to engage children in authentic and meaningful ways so that children would enjoy their learning. It draws upon evidence from neuroscience and human development and reflects and respects the uniqueness of culture, family and relationships. It uses play-based and personalised learning theories as its basis and retains explicit instruction of literacy and numeracy.
There is a strong emphasis on literacy, numeracy and social skills based on outcomes selected from the Australian National curriculum document.
We strive to foster a love of literature, an understanding of the elements of print, and encourage confident expression and excellent listening skills.


Kathy Walker is the Director of the Early Life Foundations and is a renowned Melbourne-based Consultant who has a background in child psychology, and early childhood and primary education. Kathy conducts a range of professional development sessions throughout Australia for staff working across all sectors of early childhood and primary education as well as a range of government organisations. Kathy also works with a variety of professionals and parent groups on an extensive range of topics related to children, families and parenting.

Walker Learning